> ITECH: Tailored Structures, adaptive robotic fabrication of sewn wood

Erik Martinez + Martín Alvarez
ITECH Master’s Thesis at Institute of Computational Design (ICD) Stuttgart, 2016

Supervisors:​ Prof. Achim Menges, Prof. Jan Knippers​​
Tutors:​ Oliver David Krieg, Ehsan Baharlou, Tobias Schwinn and Lauren Vasey​

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Tailored Structures investigates the use of robotics and sensing mechanisms in combination with garment design and industrial sewing techniques to explore a new way of fabricating tailored wood shells.
The intelligence of two-dimensional textile patterning techniques, commonly used in fashion, is translated into an architectural scale through the use of 3mm beech plywood. Sewing is proposed as a connection methodology with similar strength to wood glue, but with the capacity to sew connections that are held together against tension. Sewing joins these tailored wood segments, held in elastic bending to form three dimensional curved structures from two dimensional pieces.